SWIT【Somewhere in Time】Collection – a walk down memory lane

We are so excited to share with you our new SWIT collection:

Life is made of moments.
We won’t know a moment’s worth until it becomes memories.

SWIT is designed to keep memories in a handy and stylish way includes
envelopes, notebook, pockets, notecards, wrapping papers, etc.
Now available at: www.dittoditto.net

Let’s archive your memories together:

• greeting cards from your loved ones
• movie tickets, photos, etc of your first date
• boarding , postcards, etc of your honeymoon trip
• memories of your little ones

• and so much more!!

新系列 SWIT Collection「 保存回憶」


• 朋友送的心意卡或信件
• 第一次約會時的戲票、相片…
• 小孩的生活照…

SWIT Patterns

SWIT collection inspired by the concepts of time and memories,
the whole collection features the three main patterns: timelessness, the loops and the unknown eggs.

SWIT系列以時間及回憶為題,由三個圖案:timelessness, the loops 和 the unknown eggs

SWIT Mini Pattern Cards: timelessness & river

SWIT Notecards and Mini Pattern Cards: the loops

SWIT Notecards: the unknown eggs

SWIT Notebook: the unknown eggs

SWIT Envelopes with insert pattern cards

SWIT Folding Pocket

SWIT Z Pocket

SWIT Z Pocket

Mini Pattern Cards

Mini Pattern Cards

SWIT Notebooks

SWIT Notebooks

SWIT Wrappings

[more photos at SWIT album]

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