[Letterpress Workshop] Create Your Personalised Journal

【測 量 野 帳  x  d i t t o  d i t t o 活 版 印 刷 工 作 坊】
「因為記錄了才讓生活變得更有趣」Create Your Personalised Journal

Personalised Journal Workshop

日期: 18 (Sat) & 19 (Sun) Jun 2016
時間: 11:30am – 2:00pm / 4:00pm – 6:30pm
地點: LOG-ON ToGather @ Fashion Walk
費用: $270
名額: 每班8名
內容: 來參加活版印刷工作坊,親身體驗五十年代的手搖活版印刷機 – Chandler & Price,
以 ditto ditto 的插畫及活版印刷,製作個人化的記事本及文具配套,包括:
1) 在「測量野帳」封面壓印指定圖案*
2) 印製自訂字句書籤*
3) 印製創意小貼紙
4) 手造小信封

報名方法 | apply at:www.citysuper.com.hk/tc/log-on/LOG-ON-ToGather

*參加者需先自備「測量野帳」參加工作坊。「測量野帳」於 LOG-ON Fashion Walk 店有售。
*請於6月14日前電郵你的自訂字句 (只限不多於32個英文字母,包括符號/空隔) 到 info@dittoditto.net; 或於工作坊當天選擇印製書籤圖案。

You will learn about the art of letterpress, and have a hands-on experience in printing with the antique Chandler & Price Hand Press. Create your personalised journal and other stationery accessories includes: 

1) Letterpress printed selected pattern on KOKUYO Field Notebook cover*

2) Letterpress printed bookmark with your personalised message*

3) Letterpress printed creative stickers
4) Handmade mini-envelopes for organization

*Participants are required to bring your purchased KOKUYO Field Notebooks for the workshop. (Notebooks are available at LOG-ON Fashion Walk Store)

*Please send your personalised message to info@dittoditto.net before 14 (Tue) June 2016 (less than 32 English letters including punctuation/space). Otherwise, you will be able to print our selected patterns (without personalised message) on the bookmark.

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