【Letterpress Workshop – Create Your Personalised Notebook】


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Date 日期16 (Sat) | 17 (Sun) Sep 2017
Time 時間 11:30am – 1:30pm  |   4:30pm – 6:30pm
Location 地點:LOG-ON ToGather @ 銅鑼灣 Fashion Walk 
Instructor 導師Nicole Chan, ditto ditto
Fee 費用: HK$350
Enrolment 報名方式:Apply at this link 於這連結報名 and submit personalised notebook form  to info@dittoditto.net by 9 Sep  
網上報名並於 9月12日前 繳交訂筆記簿表格  到 into@dittoditto.net.
Capacity 參加人數4-8
ditto ditto 會為您介紹活版印刷工藝,更有機會使用古董手搖印刷機 Chandler & Price,體驗排版及印刷,製作具個人風格的筆記簿,包括:
—自訂文字封面筆記簿 x 1  +  ditto ditto 圖案封面筆記簿 x 1 (2個圖案選擇);
—自訂文字封面筆記簿 x 2 (一樣的封面設計,可選擇不同的內頁紙)


*如在9月12日後參加,參加者能於工作坊當天選擇 ditto ditto 圖案印封面,但將不附金屬印版。
– 活版印刷封面(2 頁)
– 活版印刷橫線內頁(約 10 頁)
– 活版印刷小配件  (2018 年曆 / “This book belongs to”)
– 銅色雙線圈訂裝筆記簿
– 自訂自句的印刷金屬版連木*作紀念
– 無印刷內頁#
– 活版印刷書籤(頁)
Workshop Descriptions: 
In this workshop, you will learn about the art of letterpress, have a hands-on experience in printing with the antique Chandler & Price Hand Press, and create your notebook including : 
—  personalised message cover notebook x 1  +  ditto ditto pattern x 1 (2 options) ; 
— personalised message cover notebook x 1  (same cover design, can use different color cover)
* includes the metal printing plate on wood as souvenir
*Since it takes time for printing plate production, participants who have not submitted the Personalised Notebook Form by 12 Sep* may print ditto ditto pattern for the covers during the workshop. However, there will not have personalized printing plate.
During the workshop, you will have change to: 
– letterpress printing cover (2 pages)
– letterpress printing inner page with lines (around 10 pages)
– notebook accessories (2018 calendar / “This book belongs to”
– book binding using bronze double wire
Other components include:
– The personalized message metal printing plate on wood* as souvenir
– plain inner pages#
 letterpress printed guide bookmark (1 pc) 
#Paper sponsored by Acumen

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