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【Letterpress Workshop – Create Your Personalised Stationery】


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Date 日期:10 (Sat)  | 11 (Sun) Sep 2016
Time 時間: 11:30am – 2:00pm  |   4:00pm – 6:30pm
Location 地點:LOG-ON ToGather @ Fashion Walk 店
Instructor 導師Nicole Chan, ditto ditto
Fee 費用: HK$350
Enrolment 報名方式:Apply at this link 於這連結報名
Capacity 參加人數:6-8 

1) 自訂字句活版印刷卡套裝
            • 6 張印有自訂字句的心意卡(*連自訂印刷用金屬版作紀念)
            • 6 個信封連手工印製及水彩襯紙

2) 活版印刷圖案信紙套裝
           • 12 張活版印刷圖案信紙
           • 連 6 個信封連手工印製及水彩襯紙


Workshop Descriptions: 

In this workshop, you will learn about the art of letterpress, have a hands-on experience in printing with the antique Chandler & Price Hand Press, and create your stationery set including : 

1) letterpress notecards set with personalised message
           • 6 notecards (* includes the metal printing plate as souvenir)
           • 6 envelopes with liners printed by hands with hand printed and watercolored liners

2) letterpress letter paper set with vintage illustration
            • 12 letter paper
            •  6 envelopes with hand printed and watercolored liners

*participants apply after 7 Sep may choose their preferred illustration during the workshop. However, the personalised stationery set will have no printing plate.

[Letterpress Workshop] Create Your Personalised Journal

【測 量 野 帳  x  d i t t o  d i t t o 活 版 印 刷 工 作 坊】
「因為記錄了才讓生活變得更有趣」Create Your Personalised Journal

Personalised Journal Workshop

日期: 18 (Sat) & 19 (Sun) Jun 2016
時間: 11:30am – 2:00pm / 4:00pm – 6:30pm
地點: LOG-ON ToGather @ Fashion Walk
費用: $270
名額: 每班8名
內容: 來參加活版印刷工作坊,親身體驗五十年代的手搖活版印刷機 – Chandler & Price,
以 ditto ditto 的插畫及活版印刷,製作個人化的記事本及文具配套,包括:
1) 在「測量野帳」封面壓印指定圖案*
2) 印製自訂字句書籤*
3) 印製創意小貼紙
4) 手造小信封

報名方法 | apply at:www.citysuper.com.hk/tc/log-on/LOG-ON-ToGather

*參加者需先自備「測量野帳」參加工作坊。「測量野帳」於 LOG-ON Fashion Walk 店有售。
*請於6月14日前電郵你的自訂字句 (只限不多於32個英文字母,包括符號/空隔) 到 info@dittoditto.net; 或於工作坊當天選擇印製書籤圖案。

You will learn about the art of letterpress, and have a hands-on experience in printing with the antique Chandler & Price Hand Press. Create your personalised journal and other stationery accessories includes: 

1) Letterpress printed selected pattern on KOKUYO Field Notebook cover*

2) Letterpress printed bookmark with your personalised message*

3) Letterpress printed creative stickers
4) Handmade mini-envelopes for organization

*Participants are required to bring your purchased KOKUYO Field Notebooks for the workshop. (Notebooks are available at LOG-ON Fashion Walk Store)

*Please send your personalised message to info@dittoditto.net before 14 (Tue) June 2016 (less than 32 English letters including punctuation/space). Otherwise, you will be able to print our selected patterns (without personalised message) on the bookmark.

Paper Cut Cards Workshop


{ You Make Me Glow }

Join us to make your unique love cards to your lovers, family or friends!


The workshops will be held on:
FEB  20 ( S A T ) 16:00 – 18:00
FEB  21 ( S U N ) 16:00 – 18:00

Location 地點:
1 Matheson St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Application Fee 費用: HKD 218

Enrolment 報名方法:LOG-ON Times Square Store 時代廣場店 

 Workshop details:
• Max 6 participants per sectiond
  每班6名 (名額有限, 先到先得)
• Pre-made card with some components for personalization
  剪影卡及配件 (部分可自由配搭)
• Envelope 信封
• Ribbon 絲帶
• LED light 燈

Workshop also includes a small metal plate with free 1 time engraving service 

Instructor: Nicole Chan, co-founder / designer of ditto ditto

Paper Cut Cards Workshop-01



Lovely Nordic ❅ 雪一點暖意

“雪一點暖意“ 以北歐小動物和大自然為設計藍本。禮盒套裝包括頸巾、手套、布袋、袋子、雨傘,每款產品有獨特的手繪設計,每個禮盒附上一張”活版印刷小賀卡”,讓你送禮之餘,亦方便用文字表達心意。快啲來LOG-ON睇吓啦!

Lovely Nordic - our first fashion collection, featuring hand-drawn illustration with Nordic animals and nature.

The collection has muffler, gloves, tote bag, pouch and umbrella. Each set has a letterpress card for you to write a message.
Come and Pick them up at LOG-ON!
Hope you like them : )

❅ Inspiration Quote ❅
We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand and melting like a snowflake – Marie B. Ray

OFESS x ditto ditto
available at LOG-ON

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❄︎ Christmas Special

special mini

Because it’s christmas!!
We made a  SWIT Collection – special edition
letterpress mini pattern cards + watercolor wrappings envelopes

SWIT Gift Set

Christmas gift set:
• gift tag
• gift card
• notebook
• envelopes
• wrapping bag

for your special someone 🙂
Wishing you a most memorable & joyful Christmas~


Let’s find more gift ideas for Christmas

more about SWIT
Ming Pao Weekly Interview

SWIT Album


SWIT【Somewhere in Time】Collection – a walk down memory lane

We are so excited to share with you our new SWIT collection:

Life is made of moments.
We won’t know a moment’s worth until it becomes memories.

SWIT is designed to keep memories in a handy and stylish way includes
envelopes, notebook, pockets, notecards, wrapping papers, etc.
Now available at: www.dittoditto.net

Let’s archive your memories together:

• greeting cards from your loved ones
• movie tickets, photos, etc of your first date
• boarding , postcards, etc of your honeymoon trip
• memories of your little ones

• and so much more!!

新系列 SWIT Collection「 保存回憶」


• 朋友送的心意卡或信件
• 第一次約會時的戲票、相片…
• 小孩的生活照…

SWIT Patterns

SWIT collection inspired by the concepts of time and memories,
the whole collection features the three main patterns: timelessness, the loops and the unknown eggs.

SWIT系列以時間及回憶為題,由三個圖案:timelessness, the loops 和 the unknown eggs

SWIT Mini Pattern Cards: timelessness & river

SWIT Notecards and Mini Pattern Cards: the loops

SWIT Notecards: the unknown eggs

SWIT Notebook: the unknown eggs

SWIT Envelopes with insert pattern cards

SWIT Folding Pocket

SWIT Z Pocket

SWIT Z Pocket

Mini Pattern Cards

Mini Pattern Cards

SWIT Notebooks

SWIT Notebooks

SWIT Wrappings

[more photos at SWIT album]

Letterpress Christmas Cards Collection ❆【The Horizon】

The Horizon_fb-01

Everything Begins from a Line

“I love the horizon! Especially the largest salt flat at Bolivia that stretches as far as
the eye can see, and where the sky and the earth being merged into one.
I believe that’s how everything begins, begins from a line
– full of possibilities and imagination.” – p.s. chan

Here’s the illustrations of Christmas scenes based on a line.
Look closely and you may find a hidden message or hidden world ; )

1. Snowball Fight
2. Snowman
3. Snow Angel
4. White Christmas

snowball fight




Letterpress Christmas Cards Collection 2014 ❆【Winter’s Tale】

Our new collection illustrates warm & lovely christmas stories viewing through the windows: from preparing the christmas tree, decorating home to the scene of waiting for Santa Claus at a calm night.


1. Oh Christmas Tree
2. Warm Holiday Wishes
3. Ho Ho Ho
4. All is Calm. All is Bright.

Oh Christmas Tree

Warm Holiday Wishes  Ho Ho Ho

All is Calm All is Bright

Black Friday Sale

2014 Black Friday_r

We would like to say thanks for all the support from you in the Thanksgiving Day!
Enjoy 20% off using coupon code: BFDITTO14
Shop at our website: www.dittoditto.net

Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

2015 Letterpress Calendar – The True Courage

Inspired by a quote from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – L. Frank Baum

“The true courage is in facing danger when you are afraid, and that kind of courage you have in plenty.”

What we need is faith. Hope these encouraging words and 12 hand-drawing illustrations could remind people that courage is always around. Calendars can also be used as coasters and greeting notecards.

生活中或許有些人正在努力尋找勇氣,有時候卻忘記自己其實一直都擁有勇氣。 以不同的手繪插圖去描繪勇氣,希望藉此鼓勵或提醒身邊的人相信自己。設計除了可作生活點綴,亦可作杯墊或心意卡用。


「正在製造:夢想連繫」Making of : Dreams Connections

So glad to be part of “Making Of – Hong Kong Spirit” – to explore different Hong Kong brand stories.

Can’t believe that ditto ditto brand story is one of the many stories !!
A sincere thanks to Hong Kong Spirit team!! ^-^

很高興能夠參與香港精神的特別企劃活動正在製造– 發掘不同的香港品牌故事沒想到還製作了屬於ditto ditto的品牌故事!!
真的非常感謝香港精神的專業團隊!! ^-^

When letterpress meets stitching

Through Kong Spirit and PMQ, we met and collaborate another Hong Kong Brand Stitch Paperie.
As we both believe in dreaming, and also are fighting for our own stories,
we decided to name the sharing session as “Making of: Dreams Connections”

認識了另一個香港品牌 Stitch Paperie – 紙繡,還合辦工作坊。
我們決定以 Making of : Dreams Connections 「正在製造:夢想連繫」作工作坊主題,

Dreams Connections – 點滴編織・延續夢想

“ Seeing not only dots and lines, but also the stories behind. “

Just imagine…
to link the little stars on the sky to become different constellations stores.
Sometimes…linking these seemingly unrelated dots / people / events together, will create a whole new story.
Like Hong Kong Spirit -> Hong Kong Spirit team -> PMQ -> ditto ditto -> Stitch Paperie -> participants etc.

Through the workshop, we hope to utilize paper, ink and stitching as media, linking dots and lines to weave different stories.
From one story extend to inspire another story.
This, also is ditto ditto’s spirit – to continue dreaming : )

有時候…將這些看起來沒有關係的 點 /人 / 事 串連一起,將會創造另一個故事。
就像香港精神 -> 香港精神團隊-> PMQ -> ditto ditto -> Stitch Paperie -> 參加者…等等

這,也是 ditto ditto 的信念 – 延續夢想 : )

Different daily lives accessories are surrounding the constellations.


Through printing, ditching..
to encourage participants to connect the objects through imagination and create their stories and sky.

透過 一印,一縫 …


More to check out: 

「正在製造 : 夢想連繫」: ditto ditto x Stitch Paperie 分享會 | MAKING OF : HK SPIRIT

【Workshop Sneak Peek】

【Workshop Snapshot I】

【Workshop Snapshot II】

Pop-up Store & Letterpress Workshop @ The ONE

m for market

Pop-up Store from  Oct 13 to 31 12pm – 10pm
我們將會在尖沙嘴 The One, M for Market by Homeless
除了Pop-up Store, 還舉辦活版印刷工作坊及提供自訂木字粒活版印刷手工卡服務!

ditto ditto are now available at M for Market by Homeless, The One.
We will also host workshops and provide customise service!
Come join us, make your own letterpress notecards and have fun together! 🙂

letterpress workshop

活版印刷工作坊 Letterpress Workshop  (尚餘小量名額)
日期/Day        :10月18 及 25日 (六)
時間/Time      :3:00 – 4:00 PM / 5:00 – 6:00 PM
地點/Location:Atrium UG 2, The ONE – Nathan Road, 100, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
查詢/Enquiry  :2782-1881 或 電郵至 event@homeless.hk

For more information & registration:

letterpress notecards

自訂木字粒活版印刷手工卡 Customised Letterpress  Notecard with Wood Types

服務時段/Opening Hours
星期五/FRI     10月17, 24, 31日       03:00 – 08:00pm
星期六/SAT    10月18, 25                 12:00 – 02:00pm    07:00 – 09:00pm
星期日/SUN   10月19, 26                 12:00 – 02:30pm    03:30 – 06:00pm

A set of 18 letterpress notecards with envelopes


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